the Secret of Sooty Wick Inn • Revenge of the Untamed Magic

Curse of Cairn Castle •The Witch's Midden

Beetle is sent to spend summer vacation with a stranger in Hickory, Maine. She finds the inn, where she is to stay, the innkeeper, and her cat intimidating and mysterious. Soon after her arrival, she is unwittingly lured to a barn on the property and set on a perilous journey that challenges her perception of reality.

Beetle returns to Sooty Wick Inn for the summer. She hopes to expose a company she suspects of dumping toxic waste into Deadman’s Swamp. A mysterious stranger takes a room at the inn to recover from a nervous breakdown, but Beetle believes he’s concealing something. While sleuthing to discover what it might be, she meets a ghost that needs her help.

Beetle teams up with the albino medicine buck and Jezebel the cat in search of someone or something threatening the deer in and around Hickory, Maine. Also, with the planet at risk, she must locate a wishing stone with a devilish history hidden within the walls of Cairn Castle Hotel and dispose of it before it falls into the wrong hands, or the hotel’s ruthless owner obtains it.

 A squash bug is accidently doused with spell water and grows to enormous size as it goes on a pumpkin eating spree.